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The Yolo Fire Protection District (YFPD) provides fire prevention and emergency medical services through the Yolo Volunteer Fire Department.  The YFPD serves an area that includes the unincorporated Yolo County conmnunity of Yolo as well as surrounding rural areas, providing fire protection and emergency medical services in an area of approximately 52 square miles.  The YFPD currently operates out of a single fire station (Station 8) located in the unincorporated community of Yolo,   As of 2017, the existing service population withi;n the district includes an estimated 491 housing units, 1,185 residents, and business enterprises employing approximately 628 persons.

YoloFPD SOI Map 06.26.16.pdf



Information on number and type of calls that the Yolo Fire Department responds to.

2017-2021 Response Summary.pdf2019 Response by Incident Type.pdf2019 Mutual Aid Response.pdf2019 Comparison of Annual Incident and Mutual Aid Response .pdf2022 Call Data.pdf2023 Call Data.pdf



The Yolo Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, 2 Captains, and 2 Lieutenants, and approximately 15 volunteer firefighters..

Fire Chief Dan Tafoya, Jr.

Assistant Fire Chief Manuel Tafoya

Fire Department Officers may be reached at (530) 662-0566 or email:

The District employs one full-time firefighter, and on a part-time basis a clerk of the board and an administrative support person.


Organization Chart.2024.pdf